Some topics are universal and some are regional.  Immigration, taxes, military, and pro-life have a global relevance.  Issues concerning farming practices, Local Government Aid, and Native American fishing practices have more of a local importance.  Within this page, I will try to set forth some initial thoughts in relation to global and local talking points.  Feel free to disagree.  Feel free to agree.  Feel free, dare I say, to change your position based on sound logic and principles.  My worldview did not just spontaneously appear...not did yours.

 Outside Philippine courtroom after Judge Iluminada Cabato declared Grace our daughter.

Outside Philippine courtroom after Judge Iluminada Cabato declared Grace our daughter.


My first friend from another country was Lee Vang from Vietnam when I was in 3rd grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Green Bay, WI.  This was my first introduction to an immigrant.  Lee was my friend and I thought it was cool that he came from another country.  We often walked the few blocks to school together. 

Through the years, I have met many thousands of immigrants.  My opinion of immigrants has been positive.  No person from any other country has created turmoil for me or my family.  My feelings have remained largely the same over the decades.  What has changed for me is understanding the reasons they come to the US.  One guy from Laos told me his story and what horrific things happened to his family before he was able to escape.  Another man came for religious freedom, since he converted to a different religion which was not accepted by his family.  When he went home for a visit, his life was taken by relatives.  Other immigrants are trying to improve their lot in life and so make their way to America.

The problem that I see with immigration has little to do with who comes from which country.  The issue is really with those who illegally enter the country and receive the benefits that are only appropriate for those who have gone through the immigration process in a lawful way.  My friend, Ernie, is an honest Filipino and would be a great candidate for immigration and, eventually, naturalization.  The US has more than 50 legitimate reasons for visiting America or living in the US for some length of time.  Those legal adults who broke the law in order to enter must be dealt with differently than those we refer to by DACA requests.  The children who have come to the US while underage, have committed zero crimes and have made positive contributions to their communities should be dealt with in a thoughtful and understanding way.


Growing up in Green Bay, WI, I was surrounded by farming from an early age.  Before I entered Kindergarten, a farming family befriended my family.  They are the Fischer family and they ran a dairy farm for many years.  This was my official introduction to farming back in the 1970s.  When I got older, they hired me for a fair amount and gave me an unforgettable experience.  Through the ensuing years, I have maintained close contact with this amazing family.

Agriculture may be unfamiliar to more people today then ever, but it is no less important than it has ever been.  I support agricultural practices that are not known to harm any person, animal or piece of land.  We depend on those involved in agriculture more than most realize.  In an age where everything at the local grocery store is packaged and presented so nicely, there is a great need for non-ag people to appreciate and become at least familiar with how food goes from field to farm to factory to fridges.

When I am elected to replace Rep. Collin Peterson, I will continued to support agricultural efforts throughout CD7 and Minnnesota.  You are an important piece of the puzzle.  Just keep believing that together we can.

 Two things we can always count on: death and taxes.  In order to form "a more perfect union," our money must work for us.

Two things we can always count on: death and taxes.  In order to form "a more perfect union," our money must work for us.


Can't live with them, can't live without them.  But they could be simplified much more.  There are ways to save money that make sense.  To be sure, the US Tax Code could be greatly abbreviated.  The tax forms have become somewhat simpler, but with a complete overhaul (perhaps elimination) of the Tax Code things could be simplified significantly. 

One potentially great idea is the Fair Tax.  It would eliminate the 7 levels of taxation, allow households to be as frugal or lavish as they wish, slim down the governmental work force, simplify taxes in dramatic fashion, and streamline the necessary paperwork/data entry.  There are no easy paths to simplify, but with good counsel, good sense, and good motives it is more than possible.  People from both sides of the aisle have strong opinions.  If we elect people who are putting the best interests of the people they represent out front, then we will see more willingness to work together, more bipartisan efforts, and more results showing the populace that their voice is being heard.

This is our sweet daughter in 2007.  She was given the chance to develop fully in the womb and eventually our lives connected.  Beyond the moral arguments for pro-life, beyond the scientific facts establishing when life begins, beyond the political Grace.