decisions ARE MADE each day. From time to time, we GET TO make decisions HAVING real power to change the world. My hope is that you will join me in bringing real change to Minnesota and this great country.


fearless • hopeful • forward-looking

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here's how

There has been a serious lack of freshness for too many years as it relates to the Congressman representing CD7.  Things really need to change in 2020.  You have a unique and important opportunity to do something about this.  If Republicans work together, we can see a change in the 2020 election and unseat Rep. Peterson! 

If we unite, together we can do it!


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Before Michelle and I married in 1998, we had already lived lives filled with adventure and meaning. The many people we have established friendships with, the multitude of places we have visited, the struggles and challenges we have faced, and the innumerable people who have influenced us in healthy ways has made us who we are.  I am ready for Congress!